About Us

Bistro Advert picBadseys Wharf, The Locks, Hillmorton, Rugby, CV21 4PP

Ian and Lesley Lauder advertised for a mooring where they could restore an historic narrowboat and were offered just the right place at Hillmorton Locks, on the Oxford Canal.  a slight snag was that it came with a Bistro run by a company owned by a couple who had only just opened it, and needed to give it up.  Having run catering businessed for decades, Ian & Lesley saw an oportunity and bought the company.  They also bought BADSEY the boat, to restore on the mooring outside.  The Bistro immediately won awards and Ten years later (2013), Ian & Lesley reached retirement age.  But having aquired a butty called ANGEL for further restoration and to pair with BADSEY, they decided to stop the evening Bistro menu but carry on as a daytime cafe and are delighted to be open again from 6th March 2017 to end October (9am to 6pm every day except monday - maybe a little later on Fridays). The cafe is also HQ for the Old Mortonians who are restoring the canal Basin below the bottom lock.
(see page about canal volunteers)